Hope For Survivors Through Cingulate Research

Hope for Survivors Through Cingulate Research

Scientific research is very expensive due to costs of equipment, animals and personnel for preparing and analyzing the brains. Every contribution to this campaign will take us closer to bringing Hope to Survivors Through Cingulate Research. There is a General Fund for computers, software, and other operating activities including overhead and help with this web site. These costs will be covered with 15% of all donations.

The logo for this campaign provides an overview of this effort. First, survivors fear further abuse as represented by the woman hiding underneath a table on the top right. Depression and borderline tendencies are also common in survivors as reflected in the woman in the top left and that of a runaway teen in the bottom left, teen runaways are often inspired by their abuse. We test for fear and depression in our experimental animals.

Second, one of the main alterations appears in the cingulate cortices of survivors with a history of abuse and a few such studies are shown in color overlaid on the medial surface of the human brain.

Third, our model of abuse employs the rabbit of which there is a medial surface shown in color overlaying the human brain. Fourth, our main approach to studying the long-term changes evoked by abuse is one of histological analysis of proteins and neurons in an equivalent part of cingulate cortex as shown in the plate with white stoking around it. On the left are two panels from a normal brain that show; top, large dendrites (red arrows) and bottom neuron cell bodies. On the right top are shown the loss of large dendrites (no red arrows) and, in the bottom, loss of neurons (empty spaces). Finally, the two blue arrows in the top two plates emphasize that neurons shrink. Human studies of survivors also show atrophy (shrinkage) of cingulate cortex. It is our view that these changes and others reflect the long-term damage from which each of these women is suffering. We seek to reverse these changes soon after their abuse to block adult-onset psychopathology.

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​Thank you very much for your support of these very important activities to help survivors of abuse.