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Cingulum NeuroSciences Institute (CNSI) is a nonprofit and tax-exempt, 509(a)(2) corporation (EIN 56-2020907) formed in 1997 by Dr. Brent A. and Leslie J. Vogt (pictured below). The name is a registered Service Mark with the US Trademark and Patent Office and refers to the cingulum bundle which is a complex of mostly myelinated axons that underlies cingulate cortex.

In 2000 we moved from North Carolina to Upstate New York where we are a registered charity (#41-63-33). CNSI is built on the past 50 years of expertise derived from the studies of Dr. Vogt into the structure, connections, functions, and pathologies of the cingulate gyrus in rodent, lagomorph (rabbit), and primate (monkey & human) brains (see Dr. Vogt’s CV).

Northeastern University; Boston,
B.A, Cum laude(Philosophy,
Finance and Psychology)
Boston University School of
Medicine, Boston, Massachu
Research Assistant
Harvard Neurological Unit:Drs.
Norman Geschwind & Deepak N.
Pandya Baston City Hospital &
Beth lsrael Hospital, Baston, MA

Board of Directors
Brent A. Vogt, Ph.D., President
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